Outpatient cancer rehabilitation

“Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always.” - Louis Pasteur

More and more people in Switzerland are beating cancer. However, the disease and/or its treatments can lead to physical, psychological and social problems. As a result, the Oncology Centre at Clinique Générale-Beaulieu has launched a cancer rehabilitation programme with the support of the Swiss Cancer League.

Its goal? It aims to improve patients’ quality of life, making it easier for them to return to everyday life and work.

What is cancer rehabilitation?

  • It is complementary therapy alongside cancer treatment(s) to help overcome the disabilities and constraints caused by the disease and/or its treatment.
  • It helps guide cancer patients towards the available resources that are best suited to their individual circumstances.
  • It ensures that patients can return to normal life without further support.

Who is it for?

All cancer patients at any stage of illness:

  • During treatment, to prevent issues and anticipate their possible consequences.
  • During remission, to optimise the patient’s ability to recover.
  • During palliative care, to improve the patient’s quality of life while maximising their independence in daily life.

What does it include?

Various treatments are introduced to reduce the side effects of the disease and/or the treatments as well as to provide physical and psychological support for cancer patients. A wide range of care services are available, including:

  • Individual physiotherapy* (muscle strengthening, drainage, massages, etc.) 
  • Group physiotherapy* (Pilates, stretching and balance, cardio training, Nordic walking, Tai Chi, etc.)
  • Nutritional care *
  • Sexuality and cancer *
  • Hypnotherapy *
  • Psycho-oncology * (soon)
  • Reflexology **
  • Yoga **
  • Art therapy **
  • Podiatry ***
  • Body image coaching
  • Social support

* Covered by basic health insurance
** Covered by supplementary health insurance
*** Not covered
Without * free



Being unable to cover the cost of these various care services should not stop patients from taking part in this rehabilitation programme. 

The Genolier Foundation provides financial support by funding care services for those who do not have supplementary insurance coverage for alternative therapies and for those who cannot cover the costs of certain care services, such as podiatry. This means that all our patients can benefit from the best possible treatments regardless of their finances.

Our nurse coordinator can discuss this with you during your enrolment assessment.


The programme offered by the Oncology Centre at Clinique Générale-Beaulieu is overseen by a medical oncologist and a radiotherapist and coordinated by a specialist nurse.

If you would like to take part in this programme, your referring doctor remains your point of contact.

This outpatient programme is a pilot project across Geneva supported by the Swiss Cancer League.


If you would like to take part in this programme, or if you have been referred by your doctor, please make an appointment with the nurse coordinator for an initial meeting. You will have an enrolment assessment and your medical history will be taken to determine your needs and requirements.

The programme is 12 weeks. A mid-programme assessment with the nurse coordinator can be arranged. An end-of-programme assessment will assess the impact of the rehabilitation programme on your quality of life. You or your doctor can request that the programme is extended.


The core team is made up of Dr Claudia Collao-Lamb, a Swiss Medical Association (FMH)-certified medical oncologist, Dr Christine Rossier, a Swiss Medical Association (FMH)-certified radiotherapist and Sophie Glemet, a specialist oncology nurse and programme coordinator.

The different therapists who provide cancer rehabilitation care, all share the same fundamental values:

  • Medical ethics
  • Excellence
  • Transparency

Dr méd. Claudia Collao Lamb

Spécialiste en oncologie médicale, membre FMH


Dr méd. Christine Rossier

Spécialiste en radio-oncologie / radiothérapie, membre FMH
Médecin praticien


Sophie Glemet

Infirmière spécialisée en oncologie

Coordinatrice du programme

+41 22 839 57 24


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