Physical therapy

In addition to its association with more conservative treatments, Physiotherapy plays an increasingly important role in modern healthcare units, both pre- and post-operative. Physiotherapy treatments are provided by using a variety of physical elements (water, heat, cold, electricity, movement).

The Institute of Physiotherapy aims to prevent, maintain, improve or help regain the patient's physical capacity. It includes a group of 15 physiotherapists who are all graduates of the best European schools.

The Institute has installed the most advanced equipment for Physiotherapy: CO2 laser, power, soft and mild isokinetic machines, Cybex, NORM. In addition, it makes use of modern electrotherapy techniques: ultrasound, shortwave, low and medium frequencies, portable stimulators with the individual programs: Compex and Neurotec.

Furthermore, hydrotherapy with its mobile base, a cloverleaf shaped, hydromassage pool and a heated pool maintained at 35°C (see photo) completes the Institute of Physiotherapy, which harmonises perfectly with the Sports’ Medicine Unit and the Cardio Plus Centre for cardiac rehabilitation.

Where physiotherapy and rehabilitation are concerned, our physiotherapists are specialists in physical rehabilitation, full postural rehabilitation, manual and mechanical lymphatic drainage, endermology, osteopathy, exercise therapy, proprioception, muscle strengthening, and various types of massage (relaxation and musculotendon stimulation).