A responsible environmental policy

Energy management
With the Clinique consuming a great deal of energy, in-depth audits have been carried out in conjunction with the SIG since 2008 to reduce energy costs and also CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Means of optimizing the heating and ventilation circuits, electricity and air flow are regularly analysed in terms of consumption, with the results enabling the technical department to carry out adjustments to each piece of equipment. For example, the various parameters of the forced air system (supply, temperature, humidity etc.) are all verified and adjusted. The cooling system was also high in consumption, and has since been changed to a "free cooling" system which uses outside air instead of four compressors to produce cold air for machinery and cool the medical rooms. The outside electric heaters have also been changed to increase output and reduce consumption. Energy management also includes the lighting, with a Knx automation system, while a weather control panel has been implemented on the roof to regulate the opening and closing of the outside blinds based on the time of day. The glass has also been changed, in particular at the Radiology Institute, while the insulation of certain areas of the building has been adjusted. Lastly, the management software for the various technical infrastructures are regularly updated, with the aim of using ECO indicators which can identify any excess consumption in the equipment. This commitment accompanied by constant investment, and despite energy demand trending upwards due to the increased surface area, means that the Clinique’s consumption is constantly being optimized. The impact is not only financial, it is also – and primarily - environmental. Furthermore, the Clinique has signed the Négawatts charter created by the SIG, who are close partners of ours when it comes to optimizing our processes.

Waste disposal